• International tax planning
    and taxation issues
  • Commercial contracts
  • Corporate and business law
  • Banking

In international tax planning field, we offer complex advice on all national and international tax-related issues.

Our range of services includes:

1. Strategic tax planning for the restructuring of legal entities, incorporation of companies, including in jurisdictions with a favorable tax climate.

2. Advising on the payment of taxes related to M&A transactions.

3. Representation of clients interests in relations with tax authorities in Ukraine.

4. Tax planning, building the most effective tax-based business model.

5. Day by day tax advisory in all sectors.

6. Drafting and filing of annual financial statements.

7. Preparation of tax returns for companies.

8. Tax planning and fiscal optimization.

9. Tax due diligence with respect to acquisitions, mergers and company restructuring.

10. Tax advisory during the incorporation and management of subsidiaries, branches or liaison offices as well as permanent establishments.

11. International tax planning.

12. Advisory on international tax law regarding the application of double taxation treaties.

13. Advisory on cross-border transactions in particular regarding withholding tax, capital gain, corporate tax.

14. We cooperate with auditing firms with regard to transfer pricing matters.

Commercial contracts

  • Advising Clients on various legal issues related to international and commercial activities in Ukraine, as well as on current operational issues;
  • Comprehensive consulting in the field of commercial activities in industries with significant quantity of regulatory requirements;
  • Preparation and conduct of negotiations concerning all types of commercial contracts;
  • Preparation of legal opinions on the validity and possibility of executing commercial contracts;
  • Development of shareholders agreements for the purpose of settling relations between business owners. The shareholders agreement usually provides for the following provisions: the rights and obligations of shareholders, the procedure for the issuance and sale of company shares, orporate governance, the procedure for financing, the withdrawing procedure, solving the impasse, the decision-making mechanism, the procedure for paying dividends, the procedure for resolving disputes, etc.

Corporate and business law

1. Advice on the establishment of new or management of existing businesses in Ukraine, as well as on the planning and structuring of investments;

2. Complex support in investments implementation in new business projects, including target companies, as well as in the opening of new structural units (branches, representative offices) of foreign legal entities and their subsidiaries in Ukraine;

3. Comprehensive consulting on various issues in the sphere of corporate law, such as participation in a legal entity, purchase and sale of corporate rights (shares in authorized capital, shares), increase / decrease in the authorized capital, additional share issue, reorganization of legal entities by merger, acquisition, isolation and transformation, liquidation.

4. Due diligence (legal audit) and preparation for the sale of business. Due diligence includes checking of corporate and permissive documents of the target company, title documents for real estate objects, as well as checking the purity of transactions for the acquisition / construction of real estate, all significant obligations for the target company, the audit of intellectual property, review of litigation in which the target company is involved and the analysis of the impact of such disputes on the ownership of real estate, the risk of loss of title.

5. Advising Ukrainian producers on market entry issues to the EU, America and Asia, which includes:

  • advising on the creation of an effective corporate mechanism / structure for working with foreign customers or suppliers;
  • advising on taxation and tax planning both in Ukraine and abroad.

6. Advising foreign and Ukrainian investors on regulatory issues:

  • Advising on all aspects of requirements for commercial activities in the most regulated sectors in Ukraine;
  • Support in obtaining special permits, licenses and approvals required for commercial activities in Ukraine;
  • Legal expertise of compliance with the requirements in the field of foreign investment and currency control; registration of foreign investment in Ukraine;
  • Representation of clients’ interests in relations with regulatory authorities and institutions.

7. Advice on labor law

  • Providing advice on all aspects of legislation regulating labor and production relations, including confidentiality and restrictive obligations; preparation of employment contracts / contracts; creation and implementation of internal procedures for hire and employment;
  • Comprehensive advice on employment issues in M & A transactions and corporate restructuring, including compliance with staff transfer requirements;
  • Assistance in employment of foreign citizens in Ukraine, including obtaining work permits and state registration;
  • Preparation of employment contracts / agreements; creation and implementation of internal procedures for hire and employment.


General information regarding structuring, requirements of foreign banks: preferable jurisdictions for bank account opening

First level:
UK, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands
Second level:
UAE, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Baltic countries, Hungary
Third level:
Montenegro, Serbia,
Macedonia, Armenia, Kazakhstan

Black list countries: Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Iraq, Laos, Syria, Uganda, Bahama, Us Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, American Samoa, Guam, Korea, Namibia, Palau, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, Vanuatu, Panama and Yemen

Black list business activities: Gambling, arms, atomic power, trading with medications, cryptocurrency business, forex, payment institutions, trafficking, pornography, charity foundations, trading with diamonds and art objects etc.

Requirements and recommendations to corporate structures: Corporate structure shall not contain more than 3 levels including level of UBO.

Portrait of «ideal» corporate structure and UBO from foreign bank and AML procedures point of view: Local business with resident shareholders and directors.